Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ideas for Easter (1)

Easter is approaching fast and we had customers looking for ideas for Easter Crafts and others were looking for inspiration for a Easter Hat.....

For the Easter Hat we came up with the following idea:

The hat our customer has got is made of straw in a turquoise color....we thought about ideas that would be easy to do and also wouldn´t break the bank. So we came up with a handful of pretty colorful paper flowers (from the scrapbooking section), a pretty ribbon (1m) and a little wooden cutout duck shape.

The duck shape will be painted in yellow (just use regular craft paint), the flowers can either be glued on the hat or sewn (if you would like to use the hat afterwards without the flowers) and the pretty ribbon tied around. The duckling goes on top of the petals.

As the work is for sure in progress at the moment :-) I haven´t got a photo yet.

For more ideas on Easter Bonnets I searched the web and in case you look for a similar hat idea here is a tutorial I found at 

 You can look up at their website or use the following supplies:

-  a hat that you have got at home (it could be any summer hat)
-  pipe cleaners
-  felt in pink and white (or chose brown and white for the ears)
-  eyes
-  and some pompoms
-  project glue

All the crafty supplies you can find in our craft section - want to give it a try?

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